Wash Your Hands the Simple and Bold Way!

wash hands by gagilas

My husband and I like to watch TedxTalks. We’ll often watch a few in a row, and I find that they are mostly in one ear and out the other for me. The next day I rarely remember much of what was discussed.

Joe Smith, however, caught my attention, and has actually changed my behavior. Smith gave a four-minute TedxTalk on handwashing. The whole four minutes, he repeated a method to dry your hands completely with just one sheet of paper towel. The reason? Reducing our use of paper towels would have a huge positive impact on the environment. The method? Wash hands. Shake, shake, shake them off. Get one piece of paper towel. Fold it in half. Dry hands.

Four minutes is a long time to talk about drying your hands. Smith repeats himself a lot. He shows the audience how to dry their hands with just one paper towel over and over. By the end of the TedxTalk, I commented to husband Josh that this was not the most interesting talk I’d seen.

And then I washed my hands before my next meal, shook them off, and dried them with one paper towel. Then later that day I used a public bathroom, washed my hands, shook them off, and dried them with one paper towel. I find myself always following his method for drying my hands—usually without really thinking about it—and I feel good about lowering my use of paper towels in the process.

Joe Smith gets mission and vision, whether he knows it or not. The mission? Cut down fewer trees. The vision? Teach people how to use just one paper towel to effectively dry their hands. It’s simple, it’s bold, and it’s hard to forget. How amazing is it that this four-minute TedxTalk completely changed my behavior?

Is the vision you have for your business, church, or nonprofit this simple, clear, and compelling? Does it move people to action? So many vision statements I see are long and vague and don’t really say anything about what an organization is actually doing. Take some time this week to look at your vision statement. Can it change someone’s unconscious behavior? Does it help you take concrete steps to living out your mission? If it does, that’s awesome. But I’m guessing that for most of you, your vision statement doesn’t do that.

So what can you do to help reframe it? What are some steps you can take to make your vision statement simple, bold, and unforgettable?


Post by Meredith.
Image by Gagilas.

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